Founded in 2009, Natura Frost has its roots in the 1950s at the Halles de Paris, where François Desmoulins’ uncle worked as a fruit and vegetable wholesaler. The passion for the profession and the desire to discover new varieties have always been the driving force behind this family history.

A few years later, the activity was transferred to the Rungis market, obsessed with the constant search for the best products.

François Desmoulins is no exception to his passion for good and beautiful products, which is how he created his own company NATURAFROST in 2009 with the desire to open up to the world.

After joining forces with Vertical Agro, Natura Frost set out to promote the land and know-how of the producing regions of Kenya. Frozen food then emerged as the best way to process raw products and offer consumers tasty, ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables. Offering everyone an innovative range of excellent quality, as beautiful as it is good, testifies to our desire to share our passion.


– Establishment of the Sunripe fields since the 1970s in the areas of Naivasha, Nakuru and Mount Kenya.

– Contracts with local producers to increase their product volumes.

– Transfer of the main factory to Naivasha to be closer to agricultural land

– Willingness to help the local population


– 1970: Arrival of the first green bean seeds in Kenya (Monel variety) via the company Lacour S.A. and start of the partnership with our respective parents.

– 1981: Development of fresh cutting lines for Monoprix, Waïtrose, Mark and Spencer

– 2005: Start of the sale of organic fresh produce from Kenya in French supermarkets (Monoprix)

– 2009: Launch of Natura Frost

– 2015: First frozen line in the Nairobi factory (Brake, Pomona, Davigel)

– 2017: First shipments from the new factory in Naivasha, fresh and frozen.